Friday, July 24, 2009

Around and About Lincoln Center

Fountain at the Circle

Dear Postcards to New York Reader,

A bevy of events, from concerts, dance performances, opera and film, now through the end of August, make it imperative to find a way to put Lincoln Center on your calendar. Where to dine for lunch or dinner before or after a performance?

Despite the heat and humidity, summer weather begs to be enjoyed outdoors. Whole Foods Market in the basement of the Time Warner Towers has everything to make a spur of the moment picnic possible--a great sushi bar, tempting brick oven pizzas, counters filled with intriguing prepared dishes you can taste before you purchase, loaves of fresh baked bread, an extensive cheese counter and a juice bar ready to blend fruits, vegetables and yummy smoothies. Once you have selected your goodies, here are some places to devour them.

If you have followed Postcards (Sunday "Times" at the Fountain, A Waterfall Near Saks), you know I'm a sucker for fountains, waterfalls and little known spots of green tucked between towering skyscrapers. Even when surrounded by a whirl of congested traffic, honking horns and automobile/bus exhaust fumes, these spots nonetheless provide an oasis of calm and the chance to catch a whiff of cool refreshing breeze.

Cross Broadway at Columbus Circle, walk inside the arched rings of cascading water. You'll be amazed how the numerous pools of splashing water drown out the traffic. Find a comfortable spot on a nearby bench and spread out your meal.

Reaching for the sky

Or, walk west on 60th Street, pass Jazz at Lincoln Center, stroll behind the Warner Towers to Columbus Avenue to discover the Sculpture Garden at Fordham University Law School. Surprise! So, you didn't know there was a beautifully laid out park behind the Nude Bronze figure with arms stretched toward the sky. Find a stairwell to the left of the Law School entrance that will take you above ground level to landscaped paths accented with strategically placed contemporary sculpture. Grab a table and some chairs to partake of your repast.


Jacqueline Cable
For Postcards from New York

P.S. For legal movie buffs, Fordham Law will host a Fall Film Festival featuring guest speakers like Peter Bogdanovich and Erin Brockovich before a showing of films inspired by the legal system, sign up now for free tickets, they will not last long.


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    Addresses to remember: Time Warner Towers, Columbus Circle, Fordham University Law School, 60th Street and Columbus Avenue.

    Directions: From Times Square MTA 1, A, and C to 59th St./Columbus Circle.

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  • Photos by Joseph Knight

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