Friday, December 6, 2013

Postcards is Back! How I Joined the Octopus Club

Dear Postcards from New York Reader,

The phone rang, caller ID announced it was my sister Bev. I picked it up, Hey Bev, what's up? A bit out of breath, a tinge of anxiety in her voice immediately sounded the alarm; she forgot greetings and blurted out “Mommy’s in the hospital!” My neck tightened and a gripping shutter whizzed up and down my spine. “What happened,” I nervously asked? “She collapsed, we couldn’t revive her, and we’re waiting to find out what caused it.”

So began a stomach gripping, roller coaster ride through hospital emergency rooms, cardiac and neurology recovery and rehabilitation facility revolving doors. Many times, Mom did not appear she would make it through the night. Doctors told us there was nothing more they could do. Granted, my Mom is an elderly person, a final exit proceeded by illness is a common occurrence for someone of her age and compromised medical condition. The unfortunate story, however, is her medical problems, and there were many, were the result of prolonged misuse of sleeping pills and mood altering prescription drugs.

A titanic struggle of wills, Mom on one side, Beverly and myself on the other, consumed the next four years and still continues. Against her will, a lifelong insomniac finally overcame her dependence on sleeping pills, only to have her doctors diagnose chronic depression and early stage dementia. Now, several strokes later, the battle continues to improve her health and find an answer to her sleepless nights, as every day she becomes more fragile.

Not unlike Odysseus’ odyssey, it has been a totally absorbing journey that has presented new and daunting challenges almost daily. Not the least of which is–how is it that three daughters cannot take care of one mother? Moms seem to have no problem raising several children???

The “O” Club

For years, when spending time shopping, enjoying a lunch or brunch break with female friends, relatives and many times my Mom, I would notice a vacant daze cross their face while in the midst of an engaging conversation, and then they starred at me as if they could no longer comprehend what I said, or could not hear me.

There it was, “the Look.” I realized they were gone. Lost in a world of thinking about, would traffic prevent Michael getting home on time to pick up..., was Sasha back from ..., had the neighbor remembered Chanel after ballet..., did I forget to ..., before I left home, on, and on, and on.

The eternal condition of “Moms,” like a many armed octopus, their invisible arms are forever connected to kids both young and adult, grandkids, spouses, and parents. They can never go anywhere without this invisible connection.

When “the Look” appeared, shaking my head, rolling my eyes, I would wonder to myself why these ladies could never take a timeout, relax, enjoy the moment, embrace a shared experience...”be present.”

My apologies ladies, I just did not understand. When one becomes a "Mom," freedom is gone forever. I take my hat off to friends, family, my own Mom, and you my readers who are members of the "O" Club. I finally get it, because I have joined you.

I hope Postcards Readers can forgive the long silence, my Mom’s convalescence left not a moment to think about, much less experience the fun things Postcards celebrates.

We are back! Please join us as we continue to explore the “banquet” New York offers. And, we have some exciting announcements: the handy guide-- New York Get There--will soon be available as an APP, the Japanese edition of Postcards is on the drawing board, a new Postcards book is in progress, and today marks the launch of Postcards from Rome, the blog and newsletter for Live in Italy Now! Proof, one can accomplish a great deal while spending hours in doctor's offices and at the side of hospital beds.

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Jacqueline Cable
For Postcards from New York

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