Saturday, April 26, 2008

Billy's Key Lime Delight

A tempting invitation

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Dear Postcards from New York Reader,

Under the gun, running late as usual, I took the subway to the Upper West Side for the express purpose of picking up dessert, the Birthday Pie.

Every year I bring it; a houseful of people were expecting it. So imagine my horror when I found the little bakery where I purchase it, cleaned out, vacant, closed down. What to do?

Perhaps Fairway's incredible cheesecake would fit the bill. A short time later, staring at it behind the glass case, despite how scrumptious I knew it to be--it just didn't look special enough. "What I really want is a key lime pie," I moaned half aloud more to myself than to anyone in the Saturday afternoon crowd packed close on the bakery goods line.

"You should go to Billy's," someone said. "Yeah," another person chimed in nodding her head in agreement, "they are known for their key lime pies."

Two enthusiastic recommendations from serious shoppers on Fairway's bread line was not something to shrug your shoulders at. "Billy's?" I asked, " I never heard of it (nothing unusual, as I am always discovering new places to indulge my sweet tooth). "Where is it?"

Back to the subway and downtown to 23rd Street; the extremely long avenues on the west side made the walk to Ninth and 21st Street seem more than a mile from the train stop. As a midtown East Sider, Chelsea is the ends of the earth; no wonder I never heard of "Billy's". My spirits were immediately lifted as I approached and saw the line outside the tiny shop.

Awhile later, I finally made it inside to the warm welcome of a grandmother's kitchen. Coconut drizzled cakes, banana cream, peanut butter and pecan pies, many-colored buttercream topped cupcakes--no where did I see a Key Lime pie. "I came for the Key Lime pie." "Oh, I'll have to check if we have any left," said the clerk behind the counter. I crossed my fingers. What luck! They had one left.

Hours late for the party; My friend's Mom, Mrs. Eadie, greeted me "did you bring the pie?" I hesitated, "It's not the usual, I haven't tasted it (pause), but it comes highly recommended."

Within minutes after the first luscious slice slide onto a plate, only a few crumbs from the gingerbread crust left any evidence that there was ever a Key Lime pie.

Mme, so-o-o-o good. Dense, yet creamy, poignantly tart, allow each morsel to linger on your tongue--you will be drunk--it is so delicious.
Jacqueline Cable
For Postcards from New York

Address to remember: Billy's Bakery, 184 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10009,, 212-647-9956.

Hours: Mon-Thurs 9 AM-11 PM, Fri & Sat 9 AM-12 AM, Sun 10 AM-10 PM. Late night hours on the weekends make this the perfect place for an after theatre dessert. Can't trek to Chelsea, Billy's delivers.

Directions: From Times Square MTA 1 or A to 23rd Street, walk west to Ninth Avenue.

Photo by Joseph Knight

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me about your Blog. Of course, Billy's Bakery is my favorite bakery in New York. Randy from Mendham, New Jersey.