Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Postcards from New York Awarded "One Lovely Blog"

And the winner is...

Dear Postcards from New York Reader,

With all the recent hoopla over the Academy Awards a couple weeks ago and Oprah's sit down with the winners, Postcards too has some wonderful news to share.

We are thrilled to announce that Postcards from New York is the recipient of the "One Lovely Blog Award." Nominated by Kristen Depken of The Upper East Side Scene, who with enthusiam and brevity, describes the "Postcards" as perfect glimpses of the city and all it has to offer.

We are truly honored by this recognition, which would not be possible without the evocative photographs by jewelry designer, Joseph Knight. Week after week, he captures the magic that is New York, from food to dynamic architecture. His pictures accent and bring to life text that create, we hope, memorable images in our reader's minds, as well as a desire to make the Postcard experience their own.

Thank you Kristin.

Please take a moment to visit the Upper East Side Scene here, and be sure to read Kristin's engaging story of her visit to the recent "Art and Love in Renanissance Italy" at the Metropolitan Museum. I had hoped to feature the extraordinary collection of betrothal, wedding and romantic gifts exchanged between men and women in the 15th and 16th centuries in Postcards, but as usual, did not get to the exhibit until the very last day of the show. It did, however, provide me with many wonderful objects to embellish the pages of the story I am writing that takes place in Florence during the 1470's.

Finally, let us not forget you, our readers, who stop and take a few moments in your busy schedules, (while going through your oh so many email messages), and how you make it possible for us to be your "one minute vacation to the city that never sleeps."

Thank You.

We are delighted to pass the "One Lovely Blog Award" along to these inspired blogs that add so much beauty to the blogsphere:

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Bayou Contessa: If the pursuit of elegance and grace are part of your life, Julie Neill’s site is one to visit often. Truly exquisite interior design, mixing classic 18th furniture and decorative art with cutting edge contemporary, enhanced by magnificent photographs.

La Dolca Vita: Memories of the much loved movie enticed my first visit. Then I fell in love with the many beautiful interiors, a feast for the eye.

Country French Antiques: For anyone who has fallen in love with the South of France, French country antiques and Peter Mayle’s “A Year in Provence.” This blogs for you. Escape in the luscious photographs and captivating music.

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    Jacqueline Cable
    For Postcards from New York

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