Thursday, January 15, 2009

Introducing "New York Get There 1-2-3"

Gets you around the Big Apple like a local

Dear Postcards from New York Reader,

Finally it’s done! Sorry to everyone who didn't receive a Christmas or Holiday Card. Now, you know what we have been hard at work on; Postcard’s first book “New York Get There 1-2-3,” a compact, 72 page quick-guide to help visitors and residents truly get around the Apple as easily as 1,2,3.

How the Little Book came to be

Many of you early on, let me know how much you appreciated the directions (Ellen, you were the first) provided at the conclusion of each Postcards story. You mentioned that they were convenient to download and handy to give to friends and relatives who were planning a visit, because all the vital details were in one place. Gail told me, she downloads stories and gives them to clients and associates of her firm, who may just be in the city briefly for business.

As a veteran New Yorker, I never give a thought to getting around; if I have a question about where I am going, a quick look at a Subway map and I’m off. Once you brought “Directions” to my attention, I began to notice how often in the course of a day, I would be approached by dazed tourists with guidebooks in hand. Pause and look, and you will see no end of groups (of all ages), clustered around big open maps, trying to figure out how to get to a landmark or famous sight.

Then, when I was in Barnes and Noble or Borders, I began to spend more and more time in the travel sections. Hundreds of Guidebooks! I bet there are more books on New York than London or Paris, or any other famous city. Many of the familiar names (Frommer’s, Fodor’s, Eyewitness, Michelin) are filled with great information, useful details and lots of pictures, but they are primarily for tourists. Some are so beautiful you can droll for hours; of course, I added several to my wish list.

However, anyone who lives here or commutes is always on the go, short on time; we just want information—no frills. The Orbitz Guide came to mind. During my corporate years, I spent a great deal of time on planes. When business meetings were delayed, cancelled, extended or ran over into the next day, flight changes were a frequent occurrence. I would never be without the frequent flier's must have travel companion—"The Orbitz Guide".

The idea for "New York Get There 1-2-3" took shape; a little book, updated once a year, small enough to fit in the slimmest purse or jacket pocket. It would be:

  • Compact- 4” X 6 1/2” easy to carry, and okay to cover with notes, mark ups, checks, highlights and underlined entries for quick reference.

  • Comprehensive- with over 400 locations, addresses, and websites for major hospitals, medical centers, universities, houses of worship, as well as landmarks, historic sites and museums.

  • Time and money saver- brief directions by bus, subway and train, hours of operation, costs for adults, seniors, students and kids, free and pay as you wish days--all in one place.

  • "Get There" is ideal for students, visitors, business people in town for the day or a convention, commuters who want to get more from their lunch hour break, and long time residents who have never been to Sung Harbor, Louis Armstrong’s Home or played golf in Van Cortlandt Park.

    "New York Get There 1-2-3," is no frills, just the vital information you want at your fingertips. Its debut is a timely and appropriate Thank you to all our subscribers, as we approach Postcard's second Birthday (March 7).

    Claim yours while supplies last and before “Get There” is released to the public. It is *FREE* (one per subscriber) only pay postage and handling for this $9.95 value. Click here to read more about “New York Get There 1-2-3" and order your copy TODAY!

    Don’t forget to visit the new Postcard's website at (Created by talented designer and webmaster, Benjamin De Mers.)

    Jacqueline Cable
    For Postcards from New York

    P.S. Please send us an email if you find locations you think should be included, if there is consensus, we will add it to the 2010 “Get There.”

    Photo by Joseph Knight

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