Thursday, February 21, 2008

The President's Favorite After-shave

America's oldest Chemist/Pharmacy

Dear Postcards from New York Reader,

Year's ago it was the custom to celebrate our two most significant President's, George Washington (without him we may never have become a nation) and Abraham Lincoln (he made sure we remained "one" nation), on their birthday's.

Today is GW's birthday. I wonder if he came back to life and walked our streets, would he recognize anything or would this be just too incomprehensible. I am sure his eyes would sparkle at the sight of a tavern where he often spent hours chatting over food and wine with fellow rebels on Pearl Street. Fraunces Tavern while no longer a guesthouse is still a restaurant.

Not far away, it might be difficult in between the cluster of old and new buildings to find the spot where his Inauguration took place. But, a bronze statue in front of Federal Hall on Wall Street might bring a curious smile to his face, as he considered if it looked anything like him in 1789. Back then, New York was the nation's capital and he lived here.

Two handsomely upholstered chairs Martha and he once sat in hold a place of honor in St. Paul's Chapel where they worshiped on Fulton Street. Venturing further uptown in what would have been the outskirts of the city in his day, imagine his surprise when he discovered his favorite after-shave (Number Six Cologne) was still available at Caswell & Massey at 48th and Lexington Avenue.

Founded in 1752, Caswell & Massey continues to build a loyal following after more than 250 years. Spend an afternoon discovering your favorite scent amoung their perfume oils, soaps, toiletries and shaving creams that have been the choice of several Presidents'.

Tell me after you have sniffed a whiff, do you think Martha had anything to do with George's choice of Number Six as his favorite cologne?

Jacqueline Cable
For Postcards from New York

Address to remember: Caswell-Massey Co. LTD, 518 Lexington Avenue at 48th Street, New York, NY 10017, , 212-755-2254.

Directions: MTA from 42nd Street Times Square, S to Grand Central and 6 to 51st Street.

Photo by Joseph Knight

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