Tuesday, December 16, 2008

11th Hour Gift giving Woes? A Tasteful Solution

Cookies well worth the Calories!

----A note from the Editor---

As the weather outside is nippy, and the warmth of summer far behind us, I thought I would feature this story written by Postcard's photographer last summer. After the frantic pace of the Holidays, brace yourself for the winter with these delicious treats (find the telephone number below to have them delivered.)


Dear Postcards from New York Reader,

Many of you will be shocked to learn that Jacqueline Cable has been trying to kill me for years. This conspiracy started during an early 1990's trip to Scotland (in preparation for a Golf Tour.) Jacqueline was determined to get into an ancient cathedral that happened to be closed. She was dragging me from locked door to locked door, pounding on them mercilessly, "Joseph, there must be a caretaker or rector somewhere, come on, they'll hear me knocking."

To my utter surprise, when I looked down I realized we were walking on big flat grave markers, overgrown with moss and lichen. A moment later, BAM! I was flat on my back, cracked a 17th century grave marker, (sorry Mr. Ross MacDonald), and in utter pain...

Fast forward to a hot day in July in New York City on a Postcards from New York photo shoot; Jacqueline raced between landmark buildings and monumental sculpture, this time around lower Manhattan, demanding I keep up. I was ready to call it a day. We had been running around since early morning and I was very pleased with the abundance of photos waiting in my camera.

"Joseph, come on, one more waterfall, just one - I promise..." she prodded. Suddenly walking on the uneven 18th century pavement, I thought of Scotland, and several other near death experiences. However, my fear was unwarranted and we made it to the "last" waterfall, and guess what? My perseverance was rewarded. Just behind Chase Plaza and Jean Dubuffet's "Group of Four Trees", I found Financier Patisserie. My bonus for a long day's work.

I walked in from the heat of the day to discover a cornucopia of wonderful baked jewels. I am a self confessed cookie-aholic; I love cookies! They remind me of my German and Italian grandmothers, Oma and Nona. Oma always said, "It's not a complete day if you don't reward yourself with a cookie." When in Sicily, Nona spoke to us, letting us know she loved us, with the most amazingly thin butter cookies, almond horns and pinolis. While she spoke no English, and my sisters and I struggled in deficient Italian, "cookie" was universally understood.

There, guarded behind glass, (bullet proof I am sure), in all its glory, was a plate of almond horn cookies! And look, a jewel encrusted lynzar tart - my mother's favorite - ooooo, and macarons - fat and fresh in pastel colors and delicate flavors! WAIT what is that? Thin toasted almond slices on a rich bead of swirling dark chocolate. The sight of these cookies brought me back to my childhood, to my grandmother's kitchens and the espresso bars of Italy. Needless to say I left with a wonderful lime-green striped box full of these divine cookies to sample at home later.

As I paid the cashier, Jacqueline called, "Joseph, come on, I need a picture of just one more fountain, it's not a waterfall, I promise." OK, I said, no more waterfalls, just one more fountain..."

Go Eat Something Good!

Joseph Knight

Address to Remember: Financier Patisserie, 35 Cedar Street (between Pearl and William), New York, NY 10005, 212-952-3838, http://www.financierpastries.com/

Directions: From Times Square MTA 2 or 3 to Wall St. walk west to Pearl St. and north to Cedar.

Photo by Joseph Knight

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