Friday, September 25, 2015

Postcard's from New York is Back!

New Kindle Release: "The Mass English/Italian"

Dear Postcards from New York Reader,

I am almost reluctant to say "Postcards from New York is back yet again," since the last announcement. Shortly after our last Postcard, my Mom's condition deteriorated and she was back and forth between hospitals for long and short stays, until she blessedly passed away in hospice, the week before Easter. As you can imagine, we miss her terribly;  happily she left us with many many heartwarming memories.

Before she became too ill to go out, to keep her engaged with other active elderly, I took her to a local Senior Center. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon such a lively group of mostly women and a few sprightly gentlemen. One woman in particular was a delight;  at 101, Yolanda, a widow of 30 years, still shopped and cooked dinner for herself everyday! When I discovered she was an Italian-American from Perugia, I enlisted her aide to improve my Italian.

To increase fluency and pronunciation, Yolanda had me memorize familiar prayers in the Mass in Italian. The assignment was quite fun. When I mentioned how thrilled I was to know the "Our Father" by heart,  one of my friends remarked how she  thought English-speaking travelers to Italy might appreciate the same sort of guidance; her words exactly, "Sounds like a Kindle e-book to me."

So in the midst of hospital stays and doctor's visits "The Mass - English/Italian" came to be.

Is a trip to Italy in your plans? If so, one day you may find yourself in some magnificent church standing in front of an unforgettable masterpiece. If you hear bell's chime to announce the start of a daily Mass, don't ignore them, or hurry away, or desperately search for a missal or prayer book; Stay, join the assembly, pull up your copy of "The Mass English/Italian" on Kindle or your smartphone; It will surely  enrich your appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you.

Jacqueline Cable
for Postcards from New York

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